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Toffee making plant


Toffee cut & wrap

2 tsp.


Rope sizer

Batch former

Control panel


Side fold wrap

Double Side
Twist wrap

Top Fold wrap

Single Side
Twist wrap

Our Toffee making line offers world class toffee manufacturing features when it comes to making high quality of Caramel toffees with or without wrapping, while offering complete solutions from cooking to packaging section.

Wrapping Styles

Dhiman engineers offers toffee making line with various types of wrapping styles

- Cut and wrap (Double Twist Wrapping)

- Cut and fold (Side Fold Style of Wrapping) 

- Cut and fold (Top Fold Style of Wrapping)

- One Side fold and one side Twist Wrapping)










To keep up with the  needs of all types consumer market demand, Our cut & wrap machines are made to  suitable for wide range of products like bubble gum, soft or hard, chewy candy, toffee, caramel, fruit pastes and other nutraceutical products with minimum adjustments.

Our Cut and Wrap Machines can produce products in various different shapes like Square, rectangular, round or cylindrical with different styles of wrapping. 























One point control system

Dhiman engineers toffee forming line is equipped with one point control unit system, which requires only one operator to control complete line without facing any hassles in synchronizing machines for precise toffee production operations, Dhiman engineers also offers fully automated synchronizing systems to run machines without any human intervene which decrease your labor wages and increase profit margins.

Dhiman Engineers toffee rope sizing machine comes equipped with cluster rope pulling and sizing system for accurate pulling, sizing and feeding of even softer toffee material for high speed operation

Our Electric Control Unit System comes equipped with High safety certified standard equipment and are designed to follow international CE Standards and guidelines.To keep up with needs of all types consumer market demand,

We at Dhiman engineers are always keen to overcome any objective or challenges to fulfil your requirement

Smart Investment

Our Toffee cut and wrap machines are optimized to offer maximum production output
with least required space and maintenance which can save your valuable production hours
and money in long run.


Dhiman engineers toffee production line requires least investment for set up and are one of the most economical and reliable production line when it comes to spares parts availability at cheap and fair prices or keeping up with maintenance of the machine

Dhiman engineers range of toffee cut and wrap machines are easy to operate and maintain.
as Toffee size can be easily customised to increase or decrease weight which enable you to save profit margin according to the changing market demand

Health and Safety Assured

Dhiman Engineers manufacturing principles takes care of every aspect when it comes to
the safety for not only machine operators but also for the end consumers i.e.

  • Machines all moving and rotating parts are covered with safety guards 

  • All Product contact parts are completely made out of food grade materials like stainless steel and PTFE which ensures high level of hygiene and excellent quality of the product. 

Our Toffee making Machines are engineered to run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week , Equipped with high grades parts with least percentage of breakdowns

Technical data


toffee cooker - DTC

Toffee Cooker



Batch Time

Steam Working Pressure

Drive Stirrer

Stirrer Speed

Dimensions (L X W X H)


Cooking Toffee Batch

50 Kg / 100 Kg / 200 Kg Batch

30-35 Minutes/ Batch 

(Depending on Steam pressure and other  allied  conditions)

120 Lbs./ Sq. In.

2 HP / 5 HP / 7.5 HP A.C

45-90 RPM for 2 HP

1500 mm X  1000 mm X 2200 mm

Net 700 Kg. 

Toffee Cooker is suitable for only toffee, caramel, éclair batch cooking. After cooking the material is discharged by tilting the cooking pan through a hand wheel. Candy Vacuum cooker can use to make toffee batch

Our Toffee Cookers Chambers are completely made of Stainless Steel 304 to maintain high product quality and hygiene level. we offer wide range and sizes of toffee cookers for all types of consumer demand.

we also offer premixing and storing tank attachments to the toffee cooker which ensures high precise cooking with high output in less space required.
we provide Toffee Cookers which are steam heated, oil heated or either water heated according to the customer demand.  


water circulating Cooling table - dct-m



Water Requirement

Cooling Area

Dimensions  (L X W )

Over all Size (L X W X H)



60 Kg / 100 kg / 200 Kg

1 Liter to 50 Liters per Hour

(Depending on efficiency of Cooling required and water temperature)

1828 mm X 1219 mm

(According to Capacity)

1840 X 1231 X 914 mm

(According to Capacity)

Net 425 Kg 

(According to Capacity)

Water Cooling tilting type-cooling plate is useful for cooling and mixing of Lollipop/Candy and Toffee batch manually. The Cooling time is less on this plate then ordinary cooling plate because of continuous circulation of water inside the plate. If one side become hot, tilting the plate can use the other side.

Dhiman Engineers offers Smart Cooling plate for seamless productions

The Tilting Feature in our Cooling plate makes both sides of the cooling plate usable. which helps you to change sides when one side becomes hot during non stop continuous batch production.

Anchor 1
pulling machine copy.jpg






20 / 35 / 50 Kg Per batch

1.5  Ton per Shift of eight hour

 950 mm X  710 mm X  1050 mm

Net 350 KGS. 

Pulling Machine is used to produce a wide variety of products. The Pulled batch is useful to make Revari. Pulling reduce weight of Candy and make lightweight candy. It can also use to mixing Toffee Batch

we offer pulling machines in wide range of Models, from Laboratory Size models to high production capacities to serve all types of consumers

we also Offer Fully Covered Pulling machines equipped with safety switches.  

vertical pulling machine





Dimensions (L X W X H)


25 Kg / 50 Kg / 100 Kg. batch

5 H.P. A.C. (According to Batch Capacity)


500 watt

1550 mm X 1200 mm X 2100 mm

Net 600 Kg. 

 Suitable for high speed aeration and pulling of toffee, candy, fudge' or naught, with SS lined table. Complete automation with the help of the auto cycle. This machines is very easy to use with Complete Safe Automatic operation, High Speed Pulling, motorized up-down, electronic reverse and forward. Machine is fitted with Non stick Pulling Rods.

image00077edited withname_edited.png

batch roller DBF



Rollers Drive


Discharge Height

Rope Diameter

Dimensions (L X W X H)


50 Kg / 90 kg

1 H.P. (According to Capacity)


0.5 H.P. (According to Capacity)

1000 watt

35 " (889 mm)

50-80 mm

1300 X 600 X 1700mm

(According to Capacity)

Net 700 Kg. Gross 1000 Kg

(According to Capacity)

Batch Former form conical shape of kneaded mixed and cooled batch of Lollypop / Candy / Toffee for further feeding into Rope Sizer. It is fitted with heaters to keep the batch warm. It's lifting and lowering mechanism helps the batch coming forward automatically. It is fitted with Stainless Steel Rollers. Electrical reverse and forward system is required extra for operating the batch former. There is ease of taking out rollers for cleaning operation. 

Five stage
rope sizer DRS-5






Sizing Wheel Size

Dimension (L X W X H)


Suitable for Toffee, Lollipop and  Candy forming Machines

Maximum 110-meter rope/minute

2 H.P. (A.C. or D.C.Drive)

Input 41 mm

Out 16 mm

1300 mm X 500 mm X 1100 mm

500  Kg. 

Five Rope Sizer for making and feeding rope for Toffee Cut & Wrap Machine, Toffee Cut & Fold Wrap Machine.  Fitted with mild steel/gun metal sizing wheels including one vertical pulling head for better rope grip and pulling. Five Stage rope sizer can be use for  Flat Lollipop, Chupa-Chup Lollipop and Candy Forming Machines

five stage
cut n wrap





Product Size 

Length Toffee

Width Toffee

Thickness Toffee


Wrapping Material

Dimensions (L X W X H)



Heaters (Optional)


Toffee Cutting & Wrapping Machine (Double End Twist)

300-350 PCs/Minute. 

(Depending on Size of Toffee , wrapping and forming material used).

Length 20-30 mm.

Width 10-20 mm.
Thickness 6-12 mm.

Continues printed cellophane, Wax Paper, PVC (Non Magnetic) and Bopp, CPP, HM etc.

1750 X  915 mm X 1930 mm

500 Watts

2  H.P. (A.C or D.C.)

Net 1000 Kgs.


Toffee Cut & Wrap Machine automatically Cuts Toffee/ Bubble Gum and wrapping paper of the required size. Both these things are fed into a chamber where a twister twists or folds both sides of wrapping paper and wrapped product is discharged into a tray.

Features Oil bath lubrication system for noise free and high speed operation ensuring long life of rotating components 


If you are searching for the best toffee making machine, Dhiman Engineers is the best and most dependable confectionery machinery manufacturer among all. We have been a part of the consumer products industry for over remarkable years; we possess strong roots in the huge toffee machinery industry and know the market like the back of our hands. Toffees are a classic confectionary treat that has stood the test of time and never lost its allure. The rich, gooey, and creamy texture integrated in one single piece of bliss comes to mind when one thinks about toffees.

Due to the never-ending inventiveness in the toffee business, India's toffee marketplace has become very renowned. To compete effectively in this industry, you must start with the heartbeat of any manufacturing plant, which is technology, and then discover the top toffee machine manufacturer. It's no surprise that you'd be forwarded to Dhiman Engineers.

Toffee is a sweet or candy that is crisp and crunchy, similar to caramel. It's often made with almonds and chocolate, but it's not necessary. It has a roasted, charred sugar flavour with a much richer, buttery back note and can be tan to deep amber in colour. When correctly prepared, it may be shattered into shards and has a delicious texture that crumbles beneath your teeth and dissolves over your tongue in the most perfect way. Toffee is similar to butterscotch, but instead of brown sugar, toffee is prepared with caramelised white sugar. There are a wide range of toffee making line that can easily help you start your own toffee business without any hassle. 


Dhiman Engineers provides a comprehensive range of toffee making machines, including everything from sugar batching and dissolving to syrup processing, to caramel mass cooking, refrigeration, dragging, rope sizing, candy moulding, caramel wrapping, and packaging. What more could a person looking for toffee machine manufacturers do? They require the assistance of the Dhiman Engineers. 

Are you planning to cook the toffee fastly, or looking for the fast toffee production line? Then the information on this page can work wonders for your case. The toffee making line shown on this page will give you brief information about how you have to make the toffees in a better way. You can consider reading further as this can surely work wonders for your case.

Your toffee making procedure can surely be made quite effortless when you have great machines provided by Dhiman Engineers. Here on this platform we not just offer the toffee making equipment but we also assist you how to design it in the proper manner. Buying the toffee making machines is quite easy but operating them is a bit difficult. So you really have to take out some time to find out how you have to operate it in the right way. So without any further ado link with  Dhiman Engineers. As we are the whole sole producer of the toffee making plant. If you desire to start your own business in the toffee industry then you should consider performing the due diligence related to this topic. 

Producing high-quality candy is a long procedure. The production process would be even further complicated if the right machinery was not used. Producing excellent candy will be really challenging for you. The use of the best Candy Manufacturing Equipment ensures that the candy production process is reduced to very few key steps. It also guarantees that effort and time are spent on the most up-to-date technologies but rather on obsolete ones.

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