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Five Stage Rope Sizer

SIZER FIVE STAGE-62edited.jpg

Five stage

rope sizer DRs-5






Sizing Wheel Size

Dimension (L X W X H)


Suitable for Toffee, Lollipop and  Candy forming Machines

Maximum 110-meter rope/minute

1.5  H.P. (A.C. or D.C.Drive)

Input 41 mm

Out 16 mm

1300 mm X 500 mm X 1100 mm

500  Kg. 

Five Rope Sizer for making and feeding rope for Toffee Cut & Wrap Machine, Toffee Cut & Fold Wrap Machine.  Fitted with mild steel/gun metal sizing wheels including one vertical pulling head for better rope grip and pulling. Five Stage rope sizer can be use for  Flat Lollipop, Chupa-Chup Lollipop and Candy Forming Machines

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