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Gum Ball Making Line

Beach Balls

DE's Gum ball making line introduces numerous possibilities to the confectionery world.

Secure your business with minimum investment and get maximum of product options.

Range of products

Our Gum Ball forming line is capable of producing wide range of products while defining new ways of consumer interaction with eye catching designs.


Bubble-Gum Balls



Beach Balls

Rock Hard Candy Balls

Eclair shapes_edited.jpg

Eclairs Toffee 


Tamarind Balls


Fruit Paste 

Shapes & Designs

Turn your imaginations into reality with our Gum Ball forming line, as it offers maximum flexibility when it comes to new innovations in product and design.

Switch Designs in 5 Minutes time
Forming rollers can be easily changed to change designs, which helps in saving valuable production time.

lemon shapes.185.jpg

Strawberry shape

Pin balls

tennis balls_edited.jpg

Tennis Balls

strawberry shapes.189.jpg

Bottle shape

lemon shapes.180.jpg

Lemon shape


Beer barrels

Smart Production Lines

DE Smart Gum ball production lines requires minimum labor to operate complete lines without any hassles

Which saves a-lot of labor wages and increase profit margin in production.

Machines are optimized to synchronize easily and deliver high speed production operations with minimum human intervene










Our Gum ball  production lines are One time investment 

Which offers you with a lot of flexible business opportunities 

DE Smart production lines requires minimum labor to operate complete lines without any hassles

Which saves a-lot of labor wages and increase profit margin in production.

Machines are optimized to synchronize easily and deliver high speed production operations with minimum human intervene

Our chewing gum ball manufacturing machines are space saving, user friendly moreover easy to maintain, in order to give you trouble free years of production. 

Gum ball production lines can be easily customized to increase production capacity with minimum investment at any later stage which secures our customers investment and future

Dhiman engineers chewing gum ball making machines are among one of the most reliable and economical production lines when it comes to after sale spares availability or keeping up with maintenance of the machines.


we work with an aim to Offer high performance international standard machines at fair prices with a motive to achieve milestone in installations

Safety and Health Assured

Chewing gum ball manufacturing machines features all safety features In order to maintain high level
of hygiene and product quality. All product contact parts are completely made of stainless steel
and other food grade materials which are easy to clean and rust free.


Our All Chewing gum ball making machines are designed and manufactured according to CE standards and  FDA regulations to follow high standard guidelines and to maintain high product quality and hygiene

All the electronic/electrical equipment are high rated certified and tested for safety and performance, follows high international standard CE guidelines to ensure maximum production output without any breakdown 

On Site Assistance

we have served over 50 countries worldwide with our confectionery equipment services, we have engineers who are expertise when it comes to whether on site or online assistance to our customers with turnkey solutions.

Dhiman Engineers not only provide on site Successful trial Installations but also provide Skilled Machine operators for hire and training which offers new business starters a lot of confidence and boost.

Dhiman engineers are always keen to overcome any objective to serve your need



1½ cups


2 tsp.


Conveying Belt

Forming machine

3 cups


Cooling tunnel


Technical data

Sugar Grinder DPSG-200



Dimensions (L X W X H)


Rotor speed (RAM)

Net. weight

100 Kg to 300 Kg According to product

700 X 1000 X 1700



350 kg.


Sugar grinding machine for food production is used to crush material into powder of 20-120 mesh. Used widely in pharmaceutical, chemical and food fields etc.


Principle and features:

By means of relative motion between movable and fixed plates, the material is crushed by the impact and friction of the teeth plate. Change the sieve to control the output size.

Sugar grinder machine has becomes the universal equipment especially used widely in sugar and salt production.

SIGMA MIXEr -dsm-200

Sigma Mixture222_edited.jpg




Drum Dimension (L X W X H)

Steam Working Pressure





Dimensions (L X W X H)


Manufacturing of Bubble Gum / Chew gum / Gum Base and final mixing of essence and color

200 Liters

760 X 760 X 760

60 Lb./Sq. Inch


10 H.P. A.C.

2 H.P. A.C


2000 mm X  1225 mm X 1325 mm

 Net 1000 Kg. 

 Heavy Duty steam Jacketed Bubble Gum Mixer is used to manufacture Gum Base, Bubble Gum and Chew gum material. If do not want to use steam then  It takes about 6-7 hours to manufacture gum base. After manufacturing gum base, final mixing of color & essence is done in mixer which takes about half hour. Material can be discharged by tilting the mixer which is motorized operation.

Gum ball making lines includes stainless steel double z sigma mixer with 200 L and 400 L capacity which offers various product mixing and cooking applications 

Is used for cooking of gum base and making bubble gum batch 

Features one push automatic tilting to discharge batch after cooking.





Rope Diameter


Dimensions (L X W X H)


Rope forming of bubble gum or Chew-Gum material

1.2 Ton/Shif

According to requirement (Flat or Round)

1524 mm X 914 mm 

1225 mm X 1200 mm X  525 mm

Net 500 Kg 

 Bubble Gum Twin colour rope extruder is used to manufacture single or twin colour rope of required size or flat according to requirement from Bubble Gum or Chew-Gum material. The material is fed manually into the hopper and rope formed is collected in trays or discharged onto cooling conveyor

Gum extruders are available in twin screws as well as quad screws which varies in production capacities

Bubble gum extruders are optimized for manufacturing any style of bubble gum capable of extruding different shapes and sizes of gum ropes and sheets 

Thanks to the water heated chamber which helps in keeping the batch warm for easy extrusion

Front face plate can be easily changed to change shape and size of rope or sheet according to final product.

image00054new edited sol...jpg

gumball forming machine






Dimensions (L X W X H)



To form Ball Gum from gum rope

80-100 Kgs. per Hour (depending upon size of gum ball)

2 HP AC Motor

1350 x 500 x 1320 mm

Net 800 Kgs. Gross 1000

Ball gum forming machine is suitable to form ball gums from the gum rope. It is easy to operate and maintain. Different type of shapes can be produced after change Cutting Rollers. This production line has advantages of reasonable design, good appearance, easy operation and convenient repair etc. It is ideal equipment for all big, medium sized and small enterprises to make ball or shapes which have round faces (bubble gum).

Vibrator Cooling tunnel






Dimensions (L X W X H)


To Cooling Gum Balls After Forming


2 Tons/shift


2 HP AC Motor


2440 x 800 x 750 mm


Net 600 Kgs. Gross 800

Vibrator Cooling Tunnel used to cool down Gum Balls after Forming. Stainless Steel Vibrating Trays are fitted in Cooling Tunnel. Air Fans are fitted in Front and rear side of Tunnel for better results. This machine is suitable for two forming machines.






Pan's RPM

Heater Capacity


Blower Motor

Pan Mounting Angle

Net Weight

Sugar Coating Pharmaceutical Tablets 

30" / 36" / 42" / 48" / 60"   PAN DIA

22 R.P.M

1.5 KW

(According to Size of Pan)  III PH / 440V/AC

0.25 H.P. / III PH/440V/AC

Standard Angle 600 (According to requirement)

(According to size of Pan)

 Coating Pan revolves by motorized oil bath gear box with hot air (adjustable) blower. The pan is made by 304 quality stainless steel (adjustable) blower. The pan is made by 304 quality stainless steel (can be provided S.S. 316 quality at extra cost).


It's a difficult and time-consuming task to meet the world's gumball candy demand. Because of changes in their food personal preferences, clients' needs are continually evolving. Gumball producers must stay on top of their game by adding efficient gumball manufacturing equipment in the world of confectionery, where new candy is released nearly everyday.

In the last several decades, India has experienced the most recent advancements in the gumball making machine. Diverse toffees, sweets, and other confectionery goods have become popular among the locals. Prominent gumball manufacturers  need top-of-the-line gumball making equipment to ramp up production. Most reputable confectionery machine manufacturers can provide you with the greatest sweet making machines that will allow you to manufacture world-class candies and help you stay in business.

Dhiman Engineers, nation's largest and revolutionary gumball machine provider, is here to provide you with high-quality gumball-making machinery. We provide a variety of high-precision technological processes to help you produce consumer-demanded confectionery. Our design staff works around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to create the necessary gumball-making machinery.

Believe it or not, the greatest gum manufacturing equipment can have an impact on production capacity. Consider making a larger batch of gumballs than intended, hence reducing the scarcity of special gumballs on the marketplace. Producing high-quality candy is a long procedure. The production process would be even further complicated if the right machinery was not used. Producing excellent gumballs will be really challenging for you. The use of the best gumballs manufacturing equipment ensures that the gumballs production process is reduced to very few key steps. It also guarantees that effort and time are spent on the most up-to-date technologies but rather on obsolete ones.

The demand for delectable and eye-catching gumball-making machinery is surging at breakneck speed. Customers would always prefer candies that are one-of-a-kind. It is critical for top candy producers in India to use innovative technology to produce these types of confectionary items. Workers will be able to create these in-demand gumballs in a shorter amount of time if the best machines are used by the manufacturers. The important thing to remember here is that you must adopt innovative technology before your competitors do, as you risk losing market share if they please your clients on time.

Obtaining a competitive advantage necessitates extensive research, manufacturing processes, and a thorough understanding of consumer requirements. To thrive and become a market leader, you must stay current with the latest technologies that sectors are gradually adopting. Gumball-making machinery is a hot topic right now, and the competition is heating up. Also every confectionary company is attempting to introduce everything gumball in order to meet market expectations. However, this is only achievable if the greatest gumball-making machinery is used. The significance of these equipment in the gumball-making procedure must be understood.

Gumball manufacturing equipment makes a significant contribution to the confectionery production process. The employment of technology is the only distinction between the worst and best confectionary items. Make certain you're going with the ideal option. Make world-class chocolates by choosing Dhiman Engineers as your confectionery machine manufacturer. Link with us so that you can easily attain deep information about this machinery. The more you read about the more you enhance your chances of starting up your business. 

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