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Candy Making Machines Manufacturer.

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Dhiman Engineers Confectionery machines Candy Making Plant is perfect for blending sugar, milk powder, cream while making different types of candies. The plant is planned and produced in consistence with set modern quality measures and are ensured against leakages.

The plant is refreshing for strength, durability, productive execution and low support. It can likewise be tweaked according to the determinations by customers.

Candy Making Machine
Uniplast Candy Forming Machine

Description of Candy Making Plants

· Plast o Plast Candy Forming Machine with 2.5 Ton Capacity

Cooking Section

​Vacuum Cooker

Cooling Plate

Shaping Section​

Cluster Roller (Mechanized)

Three Phase Rope Sizer

Candy Shaping Machine

Three Way Cooling Transport

Panel Board

Bundling Section​

Candy Wrapping Machine (Twofold End Turn)

Cushion Pack (candy Packing) Machine

Plast O Plast
Plast O Plast Candy Forming Machine

Technical data

· Vacuum cooker

Vacuum Cooker is suitable for Candy Batch manufacturing. Presently a day Toffee Cluster is additionally arranged in Vacuum Cookers. The material is cooked in upper dish and in the wake of cooking the equivalent is released into lower search for vacuum and expel the moisture from the Batch

· Cooling Plate

Water cooling tilting type-cooling plate is helpful for cooling and blending of Candy/Candy and Toffee group physically. The Cooling time is less on this plate then common cooling plate on account of consistent course of water inside the plate. On the off chance that one side winds up hot, tilting the plate can utilize the opposite side.

Candy Making Plant
Candy Making Plant

· Three Way Cooling Conveyor

Three Way Conveyor is suitable for all type of Forming Machine having production capacity up to 2.5 Ton/Shift. In three way cooling conveyor the candies will be cooled and accurate in shape. The wire mash tensioning system is very easy and simple phone:

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· Automatic Candy Wrapping Machine

Candy wrapping Machine is suitable for twist wrapping of hard-boiled candies. The paper is also automatically cut into required lengths and candies are individually wrapped in this paper. DE is a professionally managed unit having a team of dedicated, qualified and competent people. The after sales service provided by DE is one of the best available for the products manufactured by them.

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