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نباتات صنع الحلوى

Dhiman Engineers candy making machines are designed to produce safe, high-quality sweets while preserving overall production efficiency and quality assurance requirements, which are critical in any food processing business.

We solely use stainless steel and other food grade materials as a routine practice, especially for food contact components, to meet with the international standard of food safety and food defence. So if you are looking for the highly efficient candy making machines then this website can work wonders for your case. We truly believe that our candy making machines can take your business to another level.

Our candy forming machines are designed to satisfy any production capacity demand with low maintenance cost. Our machines are capable of adapting alternatives to produce any type and style of sugar syrup, according to the individual demands of the customer.

Dhiman Engineers offers wide range of Candy making equipment you can choose from.

uniplast die_edited.jpg

Uni-Plast Candy making line is most advanced candy line with maximum production capacity of up to 700 kg per hour.

  • Suitable for forming wide range of products like Hard Candy, Soft Candy, Toffee, Eclair, Gum Candy, Chewing gum with high precision of Center filling.

  • Suitable for Center filling of Liquid, Semi- Liquid, powder, paste, Jelly, Chocolate and other liquid and Semi- Solid Particles.

  • 12" Ring Type Rotary Die Mold.

  • Most Versatile production line.

new Picture 124232-..png

Plast o plast Candy making line is one of the most economical and Cost efficient solution for Hard Candy Production with Production Capacity of up to 400 kg per hour.

  • Suitable for Hard Candy, Lozenges Production.

  • Suitable for only Powder and Paste Center Filling.

  • Best recommended for Startup Businesses. 

  • Minimum Investment with lower maintenance.

  • 8" Rotary Type Die Mold. 

  • Easy Die Change overs which saves production time.


Laboratory Candy Forming Machine is a Compact Designed Structure, it can be used for both Laboratory purposes and Small businesses with less production requirement.

  • Production capacity up to 150 kg per hour. 

  • its a Space Saving Design and available in two type of models, DCF-L and DCFC-L.

  • Available in both 8" Plast-o-Plast Rotary Die mold and 8" Flap type Rost-o-Plast Rotary Die Mold.

  • Suitable for Center filling of Liquid, Semi- Liquid, powder, paste, Jelly, Chocolate and other liquid and Semi- Solid Particles.

We provide all types of machines that are required for making well-structured candies.

For the manufacturing of Different types of candies with filling, we provide a comprehensive line of rotary forming lines.

There is no doubt that sweets are created with a variety of equipment, and we are a fantastic supplier of a wide range of candy forming lines. The initial stage in making sweets is bulk cooking or pre-heating the glucose and syrup process. The batching and dissolving process is managed by Dhiman Engineers faultless processing equipment, resulting in delightful confectionery delicacies. Our metering and dissolving system is intended to suit industrial needs while also complying with all internationally recognised good manufacturing practices.

A candy manufacturing plant must have reliable machinery in order to generate high-quality candy producing goods. If your candy batch hasn't been correctly formed and controlled, maintaining manufacturing efficiency might be challenging, if not impossible. Reliable machines are essential in confectionery manufacturing because candy production must be treated in a sterile environment with a controlled temperature, specific tilt, and, perhaps most importantly, the frequency at which the candy forming machine feeds the mass onto the next equipment for processing.

Liquid Filled Candies

With the liquid-filled candy equipment, the maker may profit from a superior pricing point while having novel flavours with very few changes in the manufacturing process, making it a really innovative entry into the market. So you can also make scrumptious candies with the best candy making machines provided by Dhiman Engineers.  

Moreover, Our Liquid Filling Machines present in the candy forming line are basically developed to constantly circulate aqueous mass without causing dispersion or bubbles. The holding bucket is hot water to guarantee that even thicker or grainier fluids may be pumped in easily for a consistent and unbroken flow of liquid, ensuring that no one candy is left behind. No Wonder, why Candy manufacturing machine by Dhiman Engineers is highly efficient and reliable. 

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