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Ball lollipop making machine DBL-500 By Dhiman Engineers (regd.)
lollipop designs which are possible in ball lollipop making machine DBL-500 by Dhiman engineers (regd.)

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Dhiman Engineers is known for high-quality services and bespoke machinery to myriads of paramount enterprises in a wide range of Food Processing and Confectionery making sectors. Depending on production capacity, we are now a significant maker and exporter of a various types of Confectionery making equipment. As the Leading confectionery machine manufacturers, Dhiman Engineers updated confectionery equipment to meet the business demand, adding sophisticated features and great production capacity. We work with the motive to offer the best quality of equipment to the entire confectionery industry. We have an astounding team of professionals who create and deliver high-tech and simple solutions for every type of demand including single, solid, filled and multi-colour products for any type of further step.


Being the best confectionery machines supplier, Dhiman Engineers has a strong history of developing high-quality equipment using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Our clients have a variety of custom machine-building requirements, and our machining operations experts have the expertise, skills, and cutting-edge technology to meet them. We can assist you with any and all aspects of your project, regardless of its nature or magnitude. Our belief in steady progress and the update of our current product range contributes to this concept. 

As the best confectionery machine exporter, we keep tight professional ties with our clients, establishing a fluid balance of power that allows for a mutually beneficial collaboration. So, if you require the best machines for your business then Dhiman Engineers will be your true destination. Without any further ado check out our website for attaining full information regarding our working mechanism.


At Dhiman Engineers, we hold ourselves to the highest standard and believe in full transparency within our team and with our customers. For that reason, our production process includes many rigorous practices and procedures to ensure the end result is the best it can possibly be.

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Exceptional quality is the foundation of our company, and is the driving force behind all decisions; whether it’s which materials to purchase or the best way to serve our customers.

We work in a highly competitive field, so we’re constantly investing in technology and research to make sure we stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to quality guarantees our success and your satisfaction.



At our company, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality. From the initial concept to the final product, our attention to detail is second to none.

In an ever-evolving industry.    DHIMAN ENGINEERS has set the bar for innovation and delivery. Explore our site and see for yourself - we love our work and we’re sure you will, too.

Ball Lollipop Forming Die DDB by Dhiman Engineers (Regd.)


Our ceaseless commitment to excellence has built our reputation as one of the best in the industry

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