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Vacuum Cooker 

100 Kg Cooker Front--copy.jpg

vacuum cooker - DVC



Batch Time

Steam Working Pressure


Vacuum Pump

Stirrer Speed

Dimensions (L X W X H)


Cooking and Vacuum

Available 50 Kg./ 100 Kg / 200 Kg Batch

20-25 Minutes/ Batch (Depending on Steam pressure and other  allied  conditions)

120 Lbs./ Sq. In. (According to Capacity)

Stirrer 1.5 H.P. (According to Capacity)

5 H.P (According to Capacity)

45-90 RPM

1200 X 1200X 2000 mm (According to Capacity)

Net 600 Kg. Gross 750 Kg. (According to Capacity)

Vacuum Batch Cooker is suitable for Candy Batch manufacturing. Now a days Toffee Batch is also prepared in Vacuum Cookers. The material is cooked in upper pan and after cooking the same is discharged into lower pan for  vacuum  and remove the moisture from the Batch

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