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uniplast Candy Forming MAchine









Dimension (L X W X H)



Forming of Center Filled Éclair & Hard  Candies


3000-4500 Kgs/shift

(Depending upon type of Candies either it is Center Filled Eclair or Hard Candy)

3 HP A.C.


W 900 mm / L 900 mm / H 1400 mm


Net 950 Kg. Gross 1200 Kg

The UNIPLAST Candy Forming has been designed for the continuous production of seamless sweets, using a UNIPLAST type rotary die arrangement. Solid and centre-filled products of  Hard candies, Toffee Éclair, Chewy candies have all been successfully manufactured

       A typical production line comprises of the Centre filler, Batch Former, Five Stage Rope sizer, UNIPLAST Candy Forming Machine and cooling conveyor.












      The UNIPLAST Candy Forming Machine is at the heart of the candy processing line and has therefore been designed with strength and durability as its main assets. The machine has a number of features, which make it an ideal choice for candy manufacturers.

  • Die rotation speed is variable by AC Drive

  • The speed of the in feed rollers can be varied relative to the speed of the die, which is particularly useful for difficult products like chewy candy

  • The main drive is through timing belts to reduce noise level and moving parts

  • Spreader conveyor motor is independent and adjustable

  • Scrap tray under the die with outlet for connection to a dust extraction unit

  • Spring loaded one piece pressure cam with cam rollers.

  • Automatic lubrication to cams and bearings

A maximum of 60 to 80 die revolutions per minute can be achieved.

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