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Ball lollipop bunch wrapping machine Dbw-350

high speed bunch wrapping machine (8.)..




Ball Lollipop Lollipop size

Total power


Dimensions (L X W X H)


Ball-Lollipop Wrapping (Single Twist)

350 Pcs/Min

Min 22mm Max 30mm

5 kW

9500 X 2300 X 2200mm

2000 Kg.


Bunch wrapping Machine is suitable for wrapping Ball Lollipops in Single twist wrapping Style. The paper is automatically cut into required lengths and Lollipops are individually wrapped in this paper. The machine is fitted with No Lollipop No Paper mechanism to prevent the paper wastage.

          The machine is equipped with automatic feeding and sorting system photo electric print registration for wrapping correctly position, wrapping and sealing mechanism, and electronic control system with reasonable configuration.

Main Feature

1. Adopting full-automatic micro-computer controlling system, realizing the photocell tracking process: no candy conveying, no packing materials.
2. Max packing speed with 350PCS/min, pleasant appearance and good sealing, low noise, convenient operation & cleaning.
3. Parts contacting food made by Food Grade 304 SS makes materials cater CE HACCP FDA GMC SGS International Standards.
4. Imported electric appliances, such as Omron, Siemens, Schneider, etc. ensure the stable working performance without defaults.

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