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cooling plate

Cooling plate DCP-M


Water Requirement

Cooling Area

Dimensions  (L X W )

Over all Size (L X W X H)



50 Kg / 100 kg / 200 Kg

1 Liter to 50 Liters per Hour

(Depending on efficiency of Cooling required and water temperature)

1524 mm X 914 mm

(According to Capacity)

1828 X 914 X 914 mm

(According to Capacity)

Net 350 Kg 

(According to Capacity)

Water Cooling tilting type-cooling plate is useful for cooling and mixing of Lollipop/Candy and Toffee batch manually. The Cooling time is less on this plate then ordinary cooling plate because of continuous circulation of water inside the plate. If one side become hot, tilting the plate can use the other side.

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