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Batch Former

image00077edited withname_edited.png

batch roller - DBF
(motorized lifting)



Rollers Drive


Discharge Height

Rope Diameter

Dimensions (L X W X H)


50 Kg / 90 kg

1 H.P. (According to Capacity)


0.5 H.P. (According to Capacity)

1000 watt

35 " (889 mm)

50-80 mm

1300 X 600 X 1700mm

(According to Capacity)

Net 700 Kg. Gross 1000 Kg

(According to Capacity)

Batch Former form conical shape of kneaded mixed and cooled batch of Lollypop / Candy / Toffee for further feeding into Rope Sizer. It is fitted with heaters to keep the batch warm. It's lifting and lowering mechanism helps the batch coming forward automatically. It is fitted with Stainless Steel Rollers. Electrical reverse and forward system is required extra for operating the batch former. There is ease of taking out rollers for cleaning operation. 

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