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Завод по производству плоских леденцов


Dhiman Engineers Flat Lollipop Machine design has been the industry standard for decades. We provide a variety of die patterns to demonstrate the many possibilities of lollipops that you can make with our unique flat Lollipop machine. As soon as we receive your authorization, our team of engineers will be ready to put your design ideas into manufacturing. With the aid of our Batch roller and rope sizer machine, we can provide you with a fully automated shaping setup that effectively forms the lollipop mass and dimensions to the required and suggested shape.


Flat Lollipop Machines provided by us are usually operated in a constant rotational mode. These machines are magnificent machines that feed the lollipop volume, dimension it, carve it to the right size, mould it into the required shape, attach the lollipop sticks, and compress the lollipops in constant quick action. So many features rolled into one ingenious gadget that accomplishes everything without requiring more floor space or personal work. So if you really aim to buy the best Flat Lollipop wrapping machine then without further ado link with the Dhiman Engineers. Check out this website so that you can attain full information about this plant with an informed mind. 


Lollipops, as we all know, are a classic, demanding product that has maintained a significant place in the confectionery sector in every corner of the globe. Dhiman Engineers' Flat Lollipop forming Machines benefit sweets manufacturers across the board, allowing them to fulfil the ever-increasing demand for lollipops. The fundamental forms of lollipops, such as a spherical lollipop or a flattened lollipop, maintain the beauty of the lollipops; the only changes are usually the packaging and, most importantly, the flavourings used to distinguish your lollipops from the competitors.

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Designs & Shapes



There is no denying the fact that Dhiman Engineers has given the lollipop sector in India and throughout the world with dependable alternatives that don't complicate the lollipop-making process while yet delivering outstanding outcomes in a small space. If you're currently making a tirelessly lollipops, you may utilise the same cooking and processing equipment for the first processing of the lollipop mass, such as the Vacuum Batch Cooker, Rotary Kneading Machine, Batch Forming, and Rope Sizer machine. As the best Flat Lollipop forming machine, we offer the best possible machines that can help all the scales of society.


Dhiman Engineers' Flat Lollipop Making Machine comes with a long list of characteristics. All buyers will be astounded to learn that this plant includes forming machinery with a servo motor for fast rope feed and the length of cut can be changed while the system is running from the settings menu, allowing the weight of the lollipops to be varied without having to change the forming dies. Thus every pair of producing dies has a weight-adjustment factor of around 15% between the top and bottom limits.


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